Two shows for this summer in beautiful Leelanau Penninsula!
T-Shirt Quilts! I had one of those "brilliant ideas" that don't seem so great when you think about how obvious they are.... I'm making some quilts out of t-shirts. It's really fun because t-shirts have pictures on them and they say things and they are easier to find than sweaters and they come in so many colors! Look I found a little baby outfit with little rabbits opening a mailbox!! The other photo is just some sewn blocks lined up on the table. The quilt isn't put together yet.......
Some examples of my dishes.
Today's scarves #12,13,14,15. I have started an exciting new contest on my Facebook page. Check it out. It involves guessing and people and prizes.
Back from Seattle. Today's scarves are #9,#10,#11.
This is a cake quilt I made about ten years ago. Next to it is a figure drawing of "Joe" from college days. They look pretty good together.

Happy Spring everybody. Here is a photo of the first three scarves of 2013. Just a couple hundred to go......... So far I know I'll be at the KIA art fair in Kalamazoo June 7&8